Who we are

LDS & FIRE HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT are live music, labor/entertainment production company that have been producing stellar concerts and events in over 20 US cites for over 15 years. We have provided quality entertainment with such artist and groups.

What we do


We specialize in putting together all types of productions from gathering equipment, staging, labor, stage hand, scenery, and all manner all particulars in any situation presented to us we have build productions for stadiums as well as arenas, outdoor venues, theaters and much more. Within the past two years we have partnered with Hollywood to produce productions out of Las Vegas which enabled us to gain notoriety throughout the western states.

We produce, finance and market live entertainment experiences with a concentration on concerts and entertainment based events.

Talent management

Help create and maintain successful careers for musicians by managing all areas of an artist's career.


Manage and create artist based merchandise by assisting with design, marketing, budging and branding.

Talent buying

Through our extensive network and long- standing relationship with artist managers and booking agents,

Without music, life would be a mistake

We are a company looking to expand our operations in ways of building more relationships with advertising and marketing partners.